Information in Danish about “Prøve i Dansk 3”

We have produced two videos that show you what to expect when you sit for “Prøve i Dansk 3”. We also give you examples of held examinations.

The written exam

The written exam consists of Læseforståelse 1, Læseforståelse 2 and Skriftlig fremstilling. For both Læseforståelse 1 and Læseforståelse 2 you will be given a text booklet and an exercise booklet. The exercise booklet is the one you write in.

Læseforståelse 1

You have 25 minutes to answer the questions in Læseforståelse 1. No aids or materials are allowed.

You don’t have much time for Læseforståelse 1. Therefore, you must look for the answers to the questions instead of reading the entire text from start to finish. You must use the table of contents to get an overview of the content. The table of contents will help you find what you are looking for. You must answer briefly and precisely.

In the video below, we show an earlier version of the exam in Læseforståelse 1, which you can download here:

Example of text booklet for Læseforståelse 1

Example of exercise booklet for Læseforståelse 1

Læseforståelse 2

Læseforståelse 2 consists of three tasks: Delprøve 2A, Delprøve 2B og Delprøve 3. There is a text in the text booklet for each of the tasks in the task booklet. You have 65 minutes to complete all three tasks. You must not use any kind of aids or material.

Delprøve 2A

Delprøve 2A includes a text that you must read thoroughly. In the exercise booklet, you will find three questions to the text. It is a multiple-choice task. For each question, there are three possible answers. You must tick the correct answer.

Delprøve 2B

The text in the text booklet for Delprøve 2B has holes. Five pieces of text are missing. The holes have the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In the exercise booklet you will find seven pieces of text which have the letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. You must find the correct piece of text in the exercise booklet and put it into the text. You do this by writing the letter of the piece of text under the number of the hole. There are two pieces of text you don’t need.

Before deciding what is missing, it is a good idea to read both the text that comes before the gap and the text that comes after.

Delprøve 3

The text in the text booklet for exercise 3 has eight holes. A word or an expression is missing in each hole. You have to find the word or expression that fits best in the text. You have four options: A, B, C, D.

You must be aware that some of the words have almost the same meaning. Therefore, it is important that you read all the words before ticking. You must put a cross to the right of the word.

The video

In the video below, we review Læseforståelse 1 and Læseforståelse 2. Since we made the video, PD3 has been changed. This means that Delprøve 2B is not included. The task, which is called Delprøve 2B in the video, corresponds to the one we now call Delprøve 3.

Here, you can download the version of Læseforståelse 2 that is reviewed in the video:

Example of text booklet for Læseforståelse 2

Skriftlig fremstilling

The last task is a writing task. You must write two texts. You have 2 hours and 30 minutes. You are welcome to use dictionaries.

The first text, you must write, has the form of a letter. It is important that you do not spend too much time on this text.

After that, you have to write Opgave 2A or Opgave 2B. You should not do both. You choose which one of the assignments you want to write.

You can see a review of Skriftlig fremstilling here. You can download the exam that is reviewed in the video aswell.

Example of Skriftlig fremstilling

The oral exam

The oral test consists of two parts. Delprøve 1 is a presentation of and conversation about a known topic. Delprøve 2 is a conversation about an unknown topic.

Delprøve 1

You will be sent a personal topic in your e-boks approx. five working days before the exam. You must prepare a two minutes presentation of your topic. At the exam, you will presented your topic, and the examiner will ask questions to your presentation. This discussion will last for another two and a half minutes.

Delprøve 2

At Delprøve 2 you will talk about a topic you don’t know beforehand. The examiner shows you some pictures and presents the situation that the pictures show. The examiner then choose one of the pictures and asks questions. This conversation will lasts approx. four and a half minutes.

The duration of the oral exam is 15 minutes including voting and grading.

Exemple on oral examinations