Særlige kurser

Special courses

Særlige kurser

Special courses

What can VSK offer?

Everyone has different challenges learning Danish, and different ambitions. This is why we have many special courses which support your learning.

We have courses at all levels. We have courses for those who need flexibility and for those who have special needs.

Danish Online

Do you want to learn Danish fast and efficient?

At e-Sprogcenter, lessons are online and available whenever you have the time to study. Classes follow a weekly schedule. Your teacher follows you closely and you will receive feedback individually on all assignments. Furthermore, you will take part in online classes, and meet with other students learning Danish. Students from e-Sprogcenter pick up Danish fast, and have great results at the exam.


Studieprøven is the highest level of The Danish Language Course – DU3 module 6, and you must have passed PD3 with a good result to be admitted. In return, Studieprøven is very useful and can

e.g. provide you access to a number of higher educations in Danish.

Course for young people in Ballerup

Do you want to move on, and are you 16-25 years old?

The course for young people in Ballerup includes lessons in Danish, mathematics, English, social studies and you will learn about the job market as well.

Call us to hear more about the course on 43283420

Classes for dyslexic learners (OBU)

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia means that you read very slowly. Dyslexic learners find it difficult to read words they do not know, both in their own language and in Danish. Spelling is also difficult to them.

How do you know if you are dyslexic?
Was it difficult for you to learn to read and spell in your own language in school? Do you prefer to avoid writing, both in your own language and in Danish? If you answer yes, you may be dyslexic.

At VSK, you can attend free classes for dyslexic learners (OBU) and get help with reading and writing.

Danish for blind and partially sighted students

Are you visually impaired?

Learning Danish is a big challenge if you are visually impaired. That is why we offer speacial courses to blind and partially sighted students. The courses are for adult foreigners.

Call us to hear more about the course on 43283500

Better at Words, Numbers and IT

Better at Words, Numbers and IT is an offer for employees having a FOA or 3F agreement. It is a special course for employees who benefit from becoming better at reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic or using IT.

Dyslexia education is offered to those employees who need it.