VSK Glostrup

VSK Glostrup

VSK Glostrup

VSK Glostrup

In Glostrup we offer The Danish Language CourseFVU Danish, FVU Mathematics and classes for dyslexic learners.

VSK Glostrup is located a ten minuttes walk from Glostrup train station (S-train). If you are living or working in Glostrup, Brøndby, Albertslund, Hvidovre, Rødovre, Vallensbæk or Valby, VSK Glostrup is near by.

We provide morning and afternoon classes. We also have classes on Saturdays.


  • Morning and afternoon classes (Danish Language Course) are 3 days a week – 9 lessons a week.
  • Evening classes (The Danish Language Course) are 2 days a week – 6 lessons a week.
VSK Glostrup

Assistance in Russian

Вам нужна помощь с активацией MitID, E–boks или что-нибудь другое?

Я говорю по-русски и смогу Вам помочь. Пиши мне на е-майл: Kare5662@sprogcenter.net

и мы найдем момент времени и сможем встретиться в столовой в Glostrup.

Каren Loft (Карен) – преподаватель датского языка

If you have any questions, please call us at 43283500

VSK Glostrup

Skolevej 6

2600 Glostrup

Get started learning Danish in Glostrup


Before you enroll, you will have an interview with a counselor.

You are welcome to show up without making an appointment. We call it “open counseling”. Please arrive half an hour before closing time to make sure the counselor has time to talk to you. If you want to be sure to avoid waiting, you can book an appointment by calling us.

Show up: Skolevej 6

  • Monday: 08:15 – 17:15
  • Tuesday: 08:15 – 17:15
  • Wednesday: 08:15 – 12:00
  • Thursday: 08:15 – 16:00
  • Friday: 08:15 – 13:00

Call us: 4328 3500

  • Monday: 08:15 – 14:00
  • Tuesday: 08:15 – 14:00
  • Wednesday: 08:15 – 12:00
  • Thursday: 08:15 – 14:00
  • Friday: 08:15 – 12:00

Meet a counselor:

  • Monday: 9:00 – 18:30
  • Tuesday: 9:00 -18:30
  • Wednesday: 9:00 – 12:00
  • Thursday: 9:00 – 15:00
  • Friday: 9:00 – 13:00

Language Counselor:

Nina Bonfils


FVU Counselor:

Maja Schiødt Skrowny


Danish Online Counselor:

Madjid Allaoua


Language Counselor:

Torsten Nielsen


Study Center

In Glostrup, we have a large study center placed next to the canteen. The teachers in the study center will help you with whatever you find difficult. Or you can work independently on topics of your interest. You can use our computers and a variety of books and other learning materials – both online and offline.

What students find respectively difficult and easy varies. How you experience learning Danish depends on your linguistic background. Therefore, it is important that you have the opportunity to supplement your learning with an individual focus – an opportunity you have in the study center.

Many students use the study center to prepare for the module tests or the exams. It pays off.

The studie centre's opening hours

Teachers in the Study Center

Monday: 9:00 – 14:00

Tuesday: 9:00 – 15.00 / 16:30 – 19:00

Wednesday: 9:00 – 12.00 / 16:30 – 19:00

Thursday: 9:00 – 15:00 / 16:30 – 19:00

Friday: 9:00 – 13:00


VSK Glostrup


Often, the study center is where you have your first conversation in Danish with a “real” Dane. In Glostrup, we work with volunteers who visit our study center. The volunteers find it interesting to talk to our students, and our students get an insight into life in Denmark.


In our libraries you can borrow books to take home. We have both fiction and non-fiction. Many of the books are available as audiobooks as well.


In Glostrup, we have a canteen where you can buy lunch. The canteen can provide you with delicious, healthy food at a good price. The “dish of the day” is a hot dish. On Mondays and Wednesdays “dish of the day” is vegetarian. On fredays we have fish on the menu.

Find your way to VSK Glostrup

You can easily get to VSK Glostrup by train or bus.


The language center is a 5 minute walk from Glostrup station. Line B runs every 10 minutes. Line Bx runs during rush hour.


You can take the lines: 93N, 149, 300S, 500S, and 947.