​What is FVU?

FVU is a Danish course, free of charge, aimed at adults who wish to become better at Danish, mathematics, English or IT.

Many students choose a course in FVU to become better at Danish. If you want to improve your Danish skills, you should read about the subjects FVU Start and FVU Danish. In addition, we offer the courses FVU Mathematics and FVU Digital.

The tests at FVU are called “step tests” (trinprøver). When you have passed a step test, you can enter the next step.

FVU is not for beginners. You must have some knowledge of Danish in advance – this also applies to FVU Mathematics and FVU Digital.

FVU is short for Forberedende VoksenUndervisning (Preparatory education for adults).

You can read more about FVU on the homepage of Børne- og Undervisningsministeriet here.


The final step tests in FVU Danish and FVU Mathematics provide access to the vocational educations. Furthermore, you can use FVU Danish step test 2 and 3 in an application for a permanent residence permit. You can use FVU Danish step test 4 in an application for Danish citizenship.

FVU Start

FVU Start is a course for bilinguals. Students often start with this course. You will expand your vocabulary, and you will become better at speaking and understanding the Danish language. At FVU Start, the focus is on your spoken language. Once you have completed FVU Start you can continue with the other FVU subjects.

FVU Danish

FVU Danish is designed for you who want to improve your writing in Danish. We give you the tools you need to become better at reading and writing. We work on writing, spelling, reading and grammar.

FVU Danish is divided into 4 steps. Step 1 is the lowest and step 4 is the highest. Each step concludes with a written step test (trintest).

You can use step test 4 in FVU Danish to apply for a vocational education. You can also use step test 4 as documentation for your Danish skills if you are applying for Danish citizenship. Step test 4 corresponds to a 9th grade final examination. Step test 2 and 3 you can use if you want to apply for a permanent residence permit.

You can combine FVU with the Danish Language Course. That might be a good idea if you want to become proficient in especially the written disciplines. But FVU is also for you who have completed one of the Danish Language Courses or you who are no longer entitled to the free Danish Language Course.

FVU Mathematics

FVU Mathematics is designed for you who want to get better at mathematics. We work with the mathematical problems you encounter in your everyday life. Mathematics is useful at work and when you manage your personal finances. You will strengthen your understanding of numbers and become better at calculating.

FVU Mathematics is divided into two steps. Step test 2 in FVU Mathematics corresponds to the 9th grade final examination in mathematics. It provides access to the vocational educations.

FVU English

FVU English is a course for you who wish to improve your communication skills in English. You learn both to speak and write, and you get an insight into how English is used in a globalized world.

FVU English has four step tests (trinprøver).

FVU Digital

FVU Digital is designed for you who want to get better at IT. You will become familiar with digital tools, and you will learn to solve tasks on PC, mobile and iPad.

FVU digital consists of 4 steps. You do not need to have any prerequisites in IT to start at step 1.

Get startet

Before the screening or interview, we would like to talk to you. We would like to tell you more about the process and find out if FVU is the right course for you. When you book a call, we will call you within the time slot you have chosen. Together we will book a screening for you. It is a good idea to have the calendar ready when we call. You must also have thought about whether you want to attend FVU classes in Glostrup, Ballerup or Amager. The call lasts approx. 5 minutes.

Book a phone call

We call you when it suits you.


Before you start, you will be invited to a screening where we will decide on your level. A screening consists of a test and an interview and takes about an hour and a half. Once we have decided on your level, we will find a class that fits into your schedule.

Time and place

Classes take place at our language schools in Glostrup, Ballerup and on Amager.

Most classes meet twice a week. We have morning classes, afternoon classes and evening classes.

In Glostrup, we have a full-time class. You have classes five days a week – four days FVU Danish and one day FVU Mathematics. We do not offer FVU online classes.