Pay deposit


Pay deposit


You must pay a deposit of 2000 DKK before you can start learning Danish (Danish Language Course 1-3). Be aware that you should not pay until you have had an interview with a counselor.

Refugees are exempt from paying deposit.

You will have the deposit refunded when you have completed the Danish Language Course.

If you have previously paid 1250 DKK in deposit, you only have to pay an additional 750 DKK.

Rules concerning refund of deposit

The deposit is only payable once.

We confirm that we have received your deposit by admitting you to the language school.

When you complete your Danish Language Course, your deposit will be refunded within a month. The transfer is done automatically.

The deposit may also be refunded when you have passed a module test within the timeframe and do not wish to continue. Please be aware that you yourself will have to request for the refund in that case.

 In case you do not complete your Danish Language Course within the timeframe, your deposit will not be refunded. You can see the timeframe here:

Module Months to complete the module
1 6
2 6
3 7
4 8
5 9
6 9