What is dyslexia?

Dyslexics have problems combining letters and sounds. Therefore, it is difficult for them to learn how to read and spell. It is particularly difficult to read words you do not know. Dyslexics face the problems both in their native language and in foreign languages they are trying to learn.

Am I dyslexic?

Was it difficult for you as a child to learn how to read and spell in school? Are you still uneasy about spelling and writing – both in your native language and in foreign languages? If you answer “yes”, you may be dyslexic.

What is OBU?

OBU stands for ‘OrdBlindeUndervisning’ and is special course for dyslexics. We teach small groups with a maximum of six students. OBU helps dyslexics learn how to read, spell and write. We also teach you how your phone, computer or tablet can support you in your reading and writing. For many dyslexics, it becomes easier to cope with education, work and everyday life.

What will I learn?

At OBU, you will learn how to read different kinds of texts – both digitally and in printed versions. You learn to write what you need the most for your education or work – e.g. e-mails. You will also become better at using the language in your private life – for instance, when you are using social media, Messenger or texting. You will gain confidence in writing to people – even those you don’t know very well.

What can I use OBU for?

OBU can help you pass exams and module tests. You can take the exam under special conditions if you can document that you are dyslexic. We can provide you with the documentation. You can, for example, take the exams PD1, PD2, PD3, Indfødretsprøve, Medborgerskabsprøven or the FVU trinprøve under special conditions.

Who can receive OBU?

VSKdansk offers free dyslexia lessons. We have classes for both those who have Danish as a native language and for those who have Danish as a foreign language. You do not need to be a current student at VSKdansk in order to attend OBU classes. The offer is for all dyslexics.

Time and place

You can start when it suits you. In total, you can get up to 80 lessons á 45 minutes.

Classes take place:

Get startetGet started

If you suspect you have dyslexia, get in touch with our OBU counselor. Following your conversation, she will invite you to a dyslexia test. The test takes approximately 2 hours. You will then receive a report detailing your dyslexia diagnosis which will entitle you to free dyslexia education.

OBU counselor:
Tina Rem Rasmussen
phone: 30712803
email: tirer@brondby.dk