Danish Online

Danish Online

Learn Danish fast and efficient at e-Sprogcenter

At e-Sprogcenter, lessons are online and available whenever you have time to study. Classes follow a weekly schedule. Your teacher follows you closely and you will receive feedback individually on all assignments. Furthermore, you will take part in online classes, and meet with other students learning Danish. Students from e-Sprogcenter pick up Danish fast, and have great results at the exam.

Weekly, you will receive:

  • Online lessons that you can complete at your own pace.
  • Feedback from your teacher.
  • A face-to-face online meeting with your teacher and students at your level.

Learn more about The Danish Language Course at VSK.

If you are already a registered user of the e-Language Centre, you can log in here.

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“The online meetings with my teacher Anna are very important. While talking to her, I realize that I have improved since last week.”

“The online meetings with my teacher Anna are very important. While talking to her, I realize that I have improved since last week.”

Get started learning Danish online

When you have signed up, we invite you to an interview with one of our counselors. At the interview, we will introduce you to the e-Sprogcenter. The counselor also ensure that you start at the right level. If you wish the interview to take place online, please make a note in the message field.

Online learning in e-Sprogcenter

At e-Sprogcenter, you will find many different learning activities. We work with both text, images, audio and video. In this way, you will learn to speak, read, write and understand the Danish language. We work with topics such as the labor market, education and society e.g. democracy and healthcare.

Every week you will receive a set of exercises including grammar, vocabulary tasks, pronunciation as well as oral and written exercises. You hand in the oral assignments as audio files. Furthermore, you will get access to a virtual pronunciation workshop.

Danish in your everyday life

It is only fun to learn Danish if you actually speak the language to someone. Therefore, part of your training is to leave your desk go out and interact with the Danes. In this way, you will practice your listening and pronouncing skills. You will be surprised how quickly you are able to communicate in your new language.

The official Danish Language Course 

At e-Sprogcenter you follow the official Danish Language Course (DU). You complete with one of the exams PD2, PD3 or Studieprøven which is useful, if you wish to apply for a permanent residence permit or if you wish to be admitted to a higher education in Denmark.

Danish Language Course is divided into six modules. Each module completes with a test. Once you have passed the module test, you move on to the next module. e-Sprogcenter offers all modules on the Danish Language Course 2 and 3.


Studieprøven is an additional module to the Danish Language Course 3. At VSK dansk, Studieprøven is an online course. Learn more about the highest level of the Danish Language Course here.